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TheHotelLot's Booking Engine

TheHotelLotTM is absolute tool for independent hotels to increase bookings and generate more revenue from direct sales to exceed your GOP. Built on extensive hotel allowing guest to book more quickly and efficiently with relevant add-on options at the point of purchase. We seamlessly integrate to your hotel website and transform it into a proactive online sales engine to close sales in real time. Every customer that books directly with your hotel hands you more cash than a customer from an OTAs.


Smart Booking Engine Software for Hotel

Hoteliers can login and access their properties and reservations from a special control panel in the front-end section the Hoteliers Control Panel.

Hotels can be in any country and destination. Guests can search for hotels using multiple criteria and make bookings. If for a hotel is enabled a surety fee then Hotelier will also handle and process payments for bookings on this hotel. This beautiful software is very flexible and allows you to have different settings and payment methods enabled on each hotel. The customer can see the history of his previous reservations and also track the status of his reservations in real time.


Most important features.

  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Mobile and tablet friendly (responsive design)
  • Multiple hotels mode (portal) and single hotels mode
  • Hoteliers control panel
  • Manage hotels
  • Hotel facilities
  • Add-on services (services the hotel provides under an extra cost)
  • Manage rooms
  • Manage room price rates
  • Import / export price rates (XML)
  • Room facilities
  • You can set each room's accept bookings status to: Online reservations, No new reservations, Inquiry form.
  • Accept reservations online
  • Availability check
  • Manage reservations
  • Edit reservations
  • Confirm/Reject/Delete reservations
  • Cancel reservation request (if cancellation is allowed by the hotel)
  • Option to automatically cancel reservations after a number of days if they are un-confirmed/un-paid.
  • Move reservation in time
  • Contact reservation guest
  • Offline reservations
  • Reservation viewer (HTML, PDF and printable version)
  • Reservations report (view in HTML, export as XLS or CSV)
  • Reservations history (for customers)
  • Track reservation status (for customers)
  • Surety and commission fees
  • Rooms guest info on reservation (name and age)
  • Online and offline payments
  • Email, SMS and FAX notifications
  • Hotel page
  • Smart suggestions (eg. reccommended room for you)
  • Full hotel rating and reviews system.
  • Quick and easy booking process
  • Hotels, rooms and locations galleries
  • Public holidays for about 30 countries integrated into calendar
  • Integrated Google maps (interactive and static image maps)
  • Integrated Flickr for automatic location image galleries
  • Integrated Tripadvisor widgets
  • Geo data with countries/locations/hotels map coordinates
  • Manage APIs to allow remote bookings and remote data synchronization
  • Payment can be made via the APIs too
  • PUSH notifications on new reservation or on reservation cancel to notify third party systems.
  • Discount coupons (set coupons validity for hotels on specific location, hotel, hotelier, or for all hotels)
  • Full amount discount. A discount the customer gets if he selects to pay the whole amount instead of just the surety fee.
  • Statistical charts
  • Complete user manual (in English)

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Key Perks
* Marketing Tool *
** Agent Login **



Absolute solutions for Online Ticketing Software

This smart ticketing software is a web based booking software for time scheduled events such as hot air balloons, express coaches, rendezvous, appointments, cultural events, shows, tickets, lessons, flights and seminars for any business that works with specified date/time schedule for doctors, teachers, actors and many more...

KEY Features

  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Elxis multi-sites support
  • Multi-currency support Hybrid web based software (desktop/online)
  • Mobile and tablet friendly (responsive design)
  • Complete customer details (booking form elements are fully configurable)
  • Customer invoice details PDF document (invoice) with full reservation details (automatically emailed to the customer)
  • Personal details for each guest Credit card details (and validation)
  • Extra services support (additional things to book with extra charge - or free)
  • Discount coupons. Valid for specific for specific date period or for specific reservation period (eg. for reservations during March 2020).
  • You can also set how many times a discount coupon can be used (1 or more).
  • Configurable payment methods:
    (Paypal, Bank deposit, Alpha Bank e-commerce, Cash on delivery, Skrill, 2 Checkout, Credit card, offline,, and more.)
  • Booking items (events) feature. 
  • Booking items schedule based on regular hours (eg Monday to Friday) and on custom hours (any time period).
  • Calendar preview
  • Prices can vary depending on the event date/time
  • Prices can vary depending on guests ages (Adult/Children)During booking you can ask for Children information or, if you do not accept children or you dont have a special price policy for children, just for persons.
  • Setting to cancel automatically non-confirmed reservations after a specific number of days.
  • Tax percentage and surety fee. Configurable fields in booking form.
  • Export reservations as an Excel document.
  • Statistical charts Special reservation status page

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