Clear Policy

Clear Policy for Hotelier

Clear Policies for Hotel Listings:

Dear Hoteliers,

Thank you for choosing our platform to showcase your hotels. To maintain the trust and reliability of our service, we have established clear policies regarding the accuracy of information provided. Please take note of the following guidelines:

Accuracy of Information:
Ensure that all details about your hotel, including room rates, amenities, and contact information, are accurate and up-to-date.

Regularly review and update your listing to reflect any changes in services or facilities.

Verification Process:
Our platform employs a verification process to confirm the authenticity of the information provided. Please be prepared to undergo this process to enhance the credibility of your listing.

Timely Updates:
Promptly update your listing in the event of any changes. This includes changes in room availability, pricing, or any special promotions.

User Engagement:
Engage with user reviews and feedback. Address any concerns or inquiries from potential guests promptly.

Consequences of Inaccuracies:
Listings found to contain inaccurate information may be subject to review and, if necessary, removal from the platform.

This is to ensure that our users receive reliable and trustworthy information.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these policies. By working together, we can create a positive and reliable platform for both hoteliers and users.

Thank you for being a part of our community.



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