Can I cancel or amend my booking?
Yes, as long as you make any cancellations or changes in line with hotel's policy you will not be charged. The cancellation policy can be found on hotel's policies and Terms & Conditions. Details of your hotel's contact and cancellation policy can be found on your email confirmation and please contact directly to the hotel for your cancellation/amendment.

Do I pay Tourllion.com or the hotel?
Details can be found on hotel's policies and Terms & Conditions or when you submit your booking.

What happens when I make a reservation?
Once you have chosen the accommodation, arrival date and length of stay is correct, you will be asked to provide a few personal info, and credit card detail if you choose payment method via credit card. As soon as you have submit your booking, our system will automatically send you a booking acknowledgement to the email address you provided containing the unique Tourllion.com's Reservation code. And you will be receiving booking confirmaion email together with the hotel address detail and contact no within 45 minutes from us.

When do I get a confirmation email?
you will receive this email within 45 minutes of you making the booking. Should you not receive it after this time please check your junk mail and/or spam filters. You can also check your booking status by logging on to 'manage my bookings' via the website

I've not received my email confirmation, what should I do?
Should you not receive it after this time please check your junk mail and/or spam filters. You can also check your booking status by logging on to 'manage my bookings' via the website or simply call or drop us an email if you do not receive booking confirmation email within 8 hours.

How will I know when my booking has been cancelled?
Once you have cancelled your booking, you will receive a cancellation email to confirm this. If you cancel your booking but do not receive your cancellation email, please call our Contact Centre with your booking reference number. Details of our contact numbers can be found on our Customer Service page.

Why do you take my credit card details?
Tourllion.com will never take credit card payment from you, however we do need your payment card details to secure your booking with the hotel. In most cases you'll book now and pay the hotel on arrival/departure - please refer to the hotel's cancellation policy. Please note, when you book your payment card may be pre-authorised by the hotel.

How do I leave a guest review?
To submit a review you must have booked through Tourllion.com and stayed at the hotel. if you're an Tourllion.com customer, we will invite you to leave a review via email, 48 hours after your departure date. We love to receive as many guest reviews as possible.

Can I use a debit card to make a booking?
Yes, you can. Most hotels will accept all major Debit / Credit cards. Tourllion.com will never take any payment directly from your credit card. 

Does the credit card holder have to be present at check-in?
No, the card holder does not have to be there to check in. Tourllion.com takes the card details just to secure the booking, which are then passed onto the hotel.

Do I have to submit my name according to my travel document when I submit my booking?
Yes! Your name should be exactly same as your travel document passport when you submit your booking.
If you are not booking for yourself, please do not forget to state the traveller name according to his/her passport on "Remark/Request" column when you submit the booking.
Please contact to our customer service administrator if you encounter such case upon arrival at your hotel.

Do I need to confirm my booking directly with the hotel?
Not at all, we will send you booking confirmation email within 45 minutes once your booking has been accepted by hotel.

Why is there no record at the hotel?
If the hotel has no record of your booking, please contact us immediately. Our contact details are displayed on the Customer Service page or you can find it on your confirmation email. Ask the hotel to call us directly and pass the phone to you or you can dial us yourself. Long distance charges may apply but we will refund you for the cost of the call. All you need to do is provide us your name or reservation code.

Can Tourllion.com help me with the visa?
Unfortunately Tourllion.com are unable to assist with your visa. You would need to contact the embassy directly for further information.

When will I get my refund if I cancel the booking?
Refunds, if applicable in line with hotel's policy you will not be charged and will immediately refund to your Western Union/PayPal account with no additional charges. Please noted that charges may apply post by PayPal/ Western Union for their admin fees. Tourllion.com does not charge any cancellation fees or admin fees.

How will I know if a special request is confirmed?
All Special Requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed by Tourllion.com. Tourllion.com will forward your request to your hotel upon receipt. Please follow up with the hotel upon arrival.

how do I extend my stay?
Please contact to the hotel direct. Room rate may not be same as online rate and pay at hotel direct.

how do I shorten my stay?
The details and conditions of the amendment policy will be different for each booking depending on the hotel, period of stay, room type, promotion, etc.  These conditions stated under Terms & Conditions. It will also be stated in the confirmation email we send you.

Problem with Room Occupancy (No. of adults/child)
Each room type identifies the maximum number of guests allowed to stay in the room. This can be seen by hovering over the ‘people’ in the max column. For most room types you will be able to add an extra bed through the booking form. This fee will be shown before you confirm the booking. To avoid additional charges when you check in, please make sure you book the right room type. If you cannot find a room to match your number of guests, please book additional rooms.


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